With the arrival of the bright sunshine in 2019, we said goodbye to the challenging, ambitious of the 2018, ushered in a hopeful, enterprising 2019years.

        Here, the company in the past year for the development of the company has paid hard work and silent dedication of all colleagues to express their heartfelt thanks and blessing, and extend the most sincere greetings and deep respect for the new spring. Looking back on the past year is an extraordinary year, but also our company since the establishment of a landmark year, is our Austrian company set up 11 anniversary of the great day. 11 years of hardship, 11 years of hard work, 11 years of persistence, 11 years of development. Looking back on the journey, we have grown from a valiant warship 11 years ago to the United Carrier fleet, which today has 12 warships and a variety of operating combinations. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of all colleagues of the company over the years. Over the past 11 years, our company has maintained a healthy, good, steady and sustained momentum of development. The achievement of achievements, condensed the company's leadership wishes, but also condensed the company's management of the hardships, but all colleagues are committed to the pursuit and unremitting efforts of the embodiment.

        Entering the 2016, the company will further deepen the management system reform, promote the operation of diversified product sales, and seek greater space for development and the ability to resist market risks. In the future development, the company will put the strategic intention of talent development in the most important position, is committed to providing colleagues with a broader and better career development platform. At the same time, welcome colleagues to recommend more industry experience, excellent aspiring people to join our extended family, for the future development of our company to inject more, stronger, more fresh vitality. For our company can in the future fierce market competition in the continuous growth and development, in the exploration of progress, in practice sublimation.

       In the development of the realization of our common ideal: to be strong, bigger, do a good job!

                                                                                                                              CEO:Xiaofei Zhang

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